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As the world begins to open up for travel after a long year spent largely at home, I can’t help but think more about GMT watches, which for me are one of the best options when it comes to watches to wear for travel. In this video, I’ll take a look at 10 of the best GMT watches out there right now in 2021, starting from a more affordable tier and working my way up to the world of luxury watches.

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  1. My GMT is a quartz powered very high precision Conquest. Worry free buddy, and a lume that blinks like a light tower. What’s wrong with quartz?
    A Rolex Oyster quartz is cool, so i skip the video.

  2. Hey Teddy why do you never bring up Jean Richard watches? there are some really nice pieces on chrono24 a bit pricey but really decent watches. maybe some day?

  3. My ultimate grail watch is the Daytona panda, what are your thoughts on breitling? Not sure if I should make something else my first luxury watch purchase for myself.

  4. A feature on GMT watches I find useful (and miss when a set) is a different color and style GMT hand. It is irritating to glance at your watch and misunderstand the time because I mistook the GMT hand for the minute hand. Good vid. Keep at it!

  5. Hey Teddy! I just wanted to point out that the first watch you discussed, the Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles has the exact same movement as the Mido, also a “true” GMT!

  6. EXCELLENT video on GMT choices. Luckily, you can buy 9 of the 10. Well, you CAN buy the Rolex Pepsi off eBay for more than 2x MSRP. Of course, there will always be "why didn't you include…." questions about different models. IMHO, he covers the best options in each price range.

  7. The Sinn is a beast, it's the Porsche of watches. Porsche you can actually use for their intended purpose and not break. Sinn it's that over engineered tough as nails watch. Hard to beat the looks of the Aquis however

  8. Ahhh fab video as always! 😉 I'm actually working on such a similar video! :O <3 You have sooo many I never even thought of. What a legend you are!

  9. Teddy, thanks for the fantastic videos. Big fan of your channel. Very much appreciate your insight. I wanted to thank you for pointing out the Mido Ocean Star True GMT. WOW! there are no watches with this functionality for under $5K. Alpina and Mido are the only ones with the jumping hour function for under $2k. Again thanks very much. I'm going to buy this Mido. Thanks for the knowledge. Great stuff.

  10. Sorry, I can't stand GMT watches. What a waste of time doing the math to get the correct PM time. Let's make it even more fun and put a 24-hour rotating bezel on a 12-hour face. If they made a GMT with two 12 hour numbers around the bezel instead of the 24 hours I would consider it.

  11. For something completely different, and at the other end of the price range, the Vostok Amfibia "Reef" is my favorite GMT watch. It was definitely made for the non-Russian market. It is a fully functional 200 m dive watch with a unidirectional bezel, has mineral crystal glass, an under crystal GMT scale controlled by the lower crown, a 31 jewel in house movement and, though it's currently out of stock, can be purchase for around $200-$250 when you can find it. I really love mine and wear it often on a black and leather hi-lighted NATO strap. https://meranom.com/ru/amfibia/vostok-watch-amphibia-reef-2426-080481.html

  12. Teddy: With Mido you get a true GMT that you normally don't see for less than 3000 dollars.
    All of Squale's GMTs down to 799 dollars: Oh really.

  13. so little watches without the date! I do not understand why! It would be interesting to have a list of watches without any complication, including date

  14. The Zodiac is easier to set than the true gmt Master II in my opinion. I wouldn't get caught up in that true gmt business. Go for looks and fit. Love what Zodiac is doing. Great case. Wears really well.

  15. The Ball Roadmaster Marine GMT and Roadmaster Pilot GMT watches are good (and of course, cheaper) alternatives to the Rolex and Tudor GMT watches with roughly similar looks. There are various dial and bezel colour combinations available. The bidirectional bezels have Super Luminova numerals. Sizes are diameter of 40mm diameter, lug-to-lug of 48mm, and thickness of 14mm. That they are made of titanium makes the watches highly wearable despite the size.

    The weird thing noted is the Marine GMT has only 200m water resistance while the Pilot GMT comes with a higher 300m water resistance. Would have expected the reverse.

  16. Can you recommend any chronograph watch(es) with the additional feature of a rotating bezel, like on a scuba watch?
    Thank you.

  17. This, was by far, was my favorite video you have posted! The picks were so good, the brands were unexpected. Classy watches I would love to call mine. Keep the great content coming.

  18. As an airline pilot that flies all over the globe the GMT complication is far and away my favorite. And it wasn't until I acquired one of my grail pieces, a Breitling Chronomat GMT, that I understood what you meant by "true GMT." There are so many appealing choices in your list, from the Glycine Airman with its rich heritage to the Sea Wolf GMT which is significant to me as I received a Sea Wolf as a gift on my 14th birthday. It is still in my collection. I'm leaning toward picking up one of those Ocean Star GMTs but I wish I could get them all! Thanks Teddy!

  19. Sorry to see a brand that I think you like very much but a no mention in this video, Ball. I think they have some very attractive GMT alternatives that fit on the low end of these selections.

  20. A quirky choice but the Damasko DK200 is a beautiful GMT with a superhard steel case in a genta-esque design. It has an in-house movement with silicon hairspring, free sprung balance, 2 way winding & ceramic bearings. It's a lot of horology tech for modest money.

  21. Best bang for the buck IMO. Perrelet Seacraft GMT. The most comfortable bracelet I ever owned as well, I live in the mountains, and this watch has gone from -40 below to 100 degrees and not skipping a beat! Truly a awesome tool watch.

  22. The Baume & Mercier Clifton Club GMT has just dropped to around £1000 here in the UK. An attractive piece, but I can’t find any in-depth reviews of it

  23. No love for Breitling then?? 😉 Some cracking choices here though – never come across that Tissot and that Zodiac is pretty special… although IMO the Tudor is one of the ugliest pieces they’ve put out there. The snowflake square on the GMT hand pushed right to the edge of the dial is just awful in person. Each to their own though … that’s what the hobby is about …

  24. Can't beleive the Omega Aqua Terra World Timer wasn't part of the Top Ten, a far better choice than the Planet Ocean.

  25. Check out the watch I recently purchase – Tag Heuer GMT 2020 batman edition such a beautiful watch as well 👍

  26. Teddy, I'm a little surprised you didn't include the Monta Atlas GMT in your list given your readily apparent appreciation for the timepiece.

    Excellent video as always…

  27. I think this is an excellent list Teddy! I really love the look of that Omega Seamaster GMT – super contrasty. I was a little surprised to see the omission of the Grand Seiko GMT though? That is an absolutely gorgeous watch and with the Spring Drive included I could stare at it all day. Thanks for always posting such amazing videos!

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